2017 Toyota Venza Price, Interior

The new 2017 Toyota Venza is a compact SUV that was redesigned to enhance the features of the Venza after the release of the 2008 model. It was built for travelers who need faster mobility in all terrains. This SUV has met with all expectations since its first release. The newest addition to the Venza family has a high quality in both performance and appearance.

2017 Toyota Venza

2017 Toyota Venza – Exterior and Interior Changes

The 2017 Toyota Venza is going to be a mid-size crossover car which has new improvements to complete its impressive features. The external concept of the Venza is the same with the FT-SX 2005, so it will have a modern and elegant look. The main features of the body have been made with strong materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. These materials have played a major role in dipping the net weight and increasing its fuel competence. The look of the body of the vehicle appears slimmer even though it was made with large exterior elements. The rear of the Venza is endowed with fashionable tail lights. The front part has a chrome coated grille which is involved in giving the vehicle a more aggressive look. It also has a gigantic bumper and an innovative headlamp with contemporary LED bulbs for efficiency and reduced power consumption. The vehicle has a panoramic roof with big alloy wheels which give it an elegant look.

The design features a mix of leather and wood to give the vehicle an upper-class appearance and feel. The cab of the 2017 Venza is equipped with the best technology, and this includes a touch screen control panel. This touch screen controls the new and modern audio system, navigation Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, dual zone automatic AC unit.

It features a roomy interior that comes with a lot of safety features as well. The seats of the 2017 Toyota Venza are wrapped in leather, and can safely contain a kid’s seat. The dashboard is simpler and also more interactive with different features. The 2017 Venza features a climate regulator which can be attuned to fix the interior temperature at favorite levels. The Venza’s infotainment system also has an upgrade to give the occupants of the vehicle a higher quality of entertainment. The vehicle also has adequate airbags with a general sleek interior. The new upgrades to this design are an audio system, navigation system, remote control, internet and USB connectivity, dual zone air conditioning and cruise control. The safety features include electronic breaks, airbags, and a few other unique features.

2017 Toyota Venza rear

2017 Toyota Venza – Engine and Performance

The 2017 Toyota Venza was designed with two engines and the first mill is a standard four-cylinder engine that has a capability of 2.7-liters. The engine of the vehicle is capable of generating 181 hp. The second mill powers the vehicle with a 2.7-liter engine which has V6 configuration and it will generate an output of 300 hp with 246 lb-ft of torque. The engines are also combined with a six-drive automatic transmission and it is available with rear-wheel drive mode. The engine of the Venza has a high fuel cutback to make it perfect for the market. The vehicle was also designed to speed up with a short period, making it ideal for people who velocity.

2017 Toyota Venza – Price and Release Date

All the models of the 2017 Toyota Venza are likely to be released during the second half of the year 2016. The cost of the vehicle is expected to be around $35,500 at a starting price, but a more advanced version may be gotten for as high as $40,000.

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