2017 VW Tiguan Price

The 2017 VW Tiguan debuted at the 2015 motor show held in Frankfurt, and according to the rumors, the car is expected to make massive sales worldwide if the automobile manufacturer, the Volkswagen Prices it appropriately. The 2017 model of Tiguan has some changes in design and some additional features that are absent in the current model that will significantly contribute to its anticipated massive sales. These features are both interior and exterior feature and also safety features. Upon the launch of this car, it will face a stiff market competition from car models such as the Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, and the Toyota RAV4.

2017 VW Tiguan

2017 VW Tiguan – Fresh New Look

The Volkswagen Company has confirmed that the 2017 VW Tiguan has some several improved features and changes to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. When keenly observed from the outside, the dimensions have been modified; the length has increased and now measure 2.4-inch long and while the 1.2-inch increase in width, the wheelbase is now larger by 3-inches, and this enables aids the driver with overall control of the car especially at high speeds. However, the height of the car has been decreased by approximately 1.3-inches but still the interior cabin remains significant due to the increase in the dimensions of the car.

Also installed in the car is a redesigned low positioned grille integrated with LED daytime lights. The new grille has slightly increased in length and has a trapezoidal shape. The available LED headlights are improved and now match with the lines of the upper grille. The center of the 2017 VW Tiguan grille has the Volkswagen logo inscribed on to it a feature that enhances the elegance of the car, and there are a variety of colors offered by this model. The notable unique feature of the 2017 VW Tiguan is presence of a now more clearly defined sharp lines that give the Tiguan a more angular and bold appearance, these lines flow from the front of the car to the rear end of the car

From the inside of the 2017 VW Tiguan, there are some enhanced improvements and these include a more increased cabin space and a redesigned shift knob, a compact center stack and an ideally placed HVAC control and air vents. The rumors are that this model will be among the best technologically advanced SUVs in the whole world. These technological features available include; GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, 12.3 inch Active Info Touch screen display, USB ports, navigation systems and an improved infotainment system. For comfort and luxury, the car has been fitted with automatic climate controls.

2017 VW Tiguan interior

2017 VW Tiguan – Modifications  in the Engine

Diesel and Gasoline engines shall be available for the car. The standard base engine is the 2.0 L diesel engine that will be capable of producing an output power of 200 hp and produce an enormous torque. The car will be highly fuel efficient.

2017 VW Tiguan rear

2017 VW Tiguan – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

This model car shall be made available to the markets in the mid-year 2016, and the initial price of the car will be relatively above $25,000, but, however, the shift in production to Mexico will highly reduce the price.

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