2018 Toyota C-HR Price, Release Date

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is where the 2018 Toyota C-HR was unveiled as a concept. One look at this car and you know you want to buy it. It’s not the specs, which you don’t know yet. It’s just how this upcoming 2018 Toyota C-HR looks. It looks sexy, stunning, attractive, devilish, preposterous etc.and so on. It looks like the daredevil punk you’d hate to love. It’s the Mr. Han of all the four-wheelers you see scrambling on the road.

2018 Toyota C-HR front

Is it for real?

The Japs are definitely on steroids and Green Day. The designers may well have met with Billie Joe Armstrong before going to the drawing boards. Because there is no other explanation that can define how they came up with this devil of a car.

The 2018 Toyota C-HR is a compact crossover with 21” alloys. Add to that a higher ride height and you already have something that a BMW X1 will shy away from.

The car looks edgier than the word can fathom and portray. Those alien headlamps, that punk fascia, the back-brushed roofline, those comet taillights and that sexy pony of a spoiler make this car something which no other cars have so far, hot.

Dimensions are unspecified. This upcoming model will snug fit right in with Scions and Honda HR-Vs. It looks like a hatchback and it nearly is a hatchback for it excites the blood like the Renault and Ford hot hatches. But it’s bigger than hatches. It is, after all, a crossover.

2018 Toyota C-HR side

2018 Toyota C-HR – Design

There is no reliable information on the interiors of this car. What you can expect is it will cross your expectations. Toyota wants to delimit the imagination and sheer attitude which a car can have; judging by the body, they have done a hell of a job. And they will quite simply carry it inside the car. Expect it to be next-next-gen, forbiddingly attractive and alien smart.

The TNGA or Toyota New Global Architecture modular platform will be incorporated into the cabin. In case you haven’t noticed yet or you even may have, the model is 1-door. It will be a customary 4-seater. As far as headroom and legroom are concerned, there will be enough of it. Toyota will not roll out a crossover where passengers can’t crossover.

2018 Toyota C-HR – Powertrain

The 2018 Toyota C-HR will work with a 2.0-liter inline 4 engine. Toyota will, and it must include further engine options with this model. At least a full-fledged devilishly fast turbo would do the deed.  If there was, you would have known. But, what you should know is that it will come with a CVT or a Continuously Variable Transmission mated to a 6-speed automatic. Yes, a manual gearbox would do absolutely fine. Let’s wait and watch. This is a machine which you just can’t avoid. So whatever you do, if you want to buy it, just simply buy it. Also, according to unofficial information on offer will be even the engine capacity of 1.2-liter or a hybrid 1.8-liter engine.

2018 Toyota C-HR rear

2018 Toyota C-HR – Price and Release Date

And if you do want to buy it, you can, sometime around Q1 2017. You’ll need around $25,000. Or at most $35,000.

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