2018 Toyota Highlander Changes, Release Date

Finding an SUV which gives dependence, solace, and moderateness, all in a single bundle is not easy. But for automotive enthusiasts, this is exactly what 2018 Toyota Highlander is aiming for. An SUV which doesn’t trade off on passenger’s security- is fuel efficient and doesn’t make marks in their pouches; is the perfect car. This latest Toyota Highlander 2018 model seems to have all aspects covered and is ready to become an embodiment of perfection.

2018 Toyota Highlander front

2018 Toyota Highlander – An Overview of What to Expect

The 2018 Toyota Highlander will come with new powertrains and a fresh design. Other new empowerments likely to take place are- cabin capacity, top-notch bumpers, new lightings, a new start/stop engine system, an 8-speed transmission engine, an upgraded drive train and inclusion of new trims. Experts believe that the refreshed model could officially prove to be an option for the superseded Venza, another Toyota model. The vehicle is quite sturdy in appearance too and is tailor-made for rough weather and touch terrains.

2018 Toyota Highlander – Engine Specs

Two engine options will be seen in the redesigned 2018 Toyota Highlander and they will be accompanied by a new and improved VVT- Variable Valve Timing and Turbochargers.

  • The first option- a 4 cylinder 2.7-liter engine with the ability to generate power of 185 hp and torque- 250 lb.ft!
  • The second option- a 6 cylinder 3.5-liter engine having the ability to produce a power of 270 hp and torque-337 lb.ft!
  • A 3.5-liter V6 + AC 650-volt permanent-magnet motors with 280 hp and 215 lb-ft of torque.

 A 6-speed auto transmission will operate both of them. The first option will accelerate- 188 in 10 sec and the second one will accelerate 188 in just 8 seconds. Its fuel economy will be around 25mpg on freeways and 20mpg within the city.

2018 Toyota Highlander rear

2018 Toyota Highlander –  External and Internal Cosmetic Alterations

For a car enthusiast, 2018 Toyota Highlander is going to be an eye-candy. Incorporated with a robust and alluring frontal bumper, adequate engine cooling system and also a new grille, this five-door vehicle is all in readiness to entice large masses of car lovers. The manufacturers have incorporated the latest LED lighting into its indicators and headlights and with a chrome rooftop, 18-19” wheels with aluminum alloy rims and durable framework, the vehicle is quite adept in tackling any given terrains without any complications.

The frontal part of the vehicle will also see some change. One being the trapezoidal grille on the upper portion of the model. The parallel headlight’s tip will touch the outward of the grille. Underneath each headlight, there exists a sharp crease and under those creases exist circular fog lamps. One side of the vehicle will host bulky and square fenders and the back or rear portion will incorporate horizontal taillights and a spoiler.

A few experts, however, felt that its external design is not that alluring but it will still entice a fair number of customers.

For interior enhancement cutting edge technology has been used, as increased comfort and enhanced safety seems to be the main focus of its makers. Its primary two seats are spacious and include new seat adjustment systems. The seat upholstery seems to be made with quality proven leather. The steering wheels are coated with the same leather materials. Amazing new tech features are installed in its dashboard.

 Some include- a new sound system, a new rearview camera, an upgraded weather updating system, an 8-inch touchscreen, latest infotainment systems and six high-class speakers to make you groove on your venture. Normal tech specs stay along with the standard security attributes. One new inclusion in the safety aspect is the new cruise control system.

The 2018 Toyota Highlander includes the standard TSS or Toyota Safety sense and the ample space allows this cross road SUV to accommodate 8 travelers comfortably.

2018 Toyota Highlander interior

2018 Toyota Highlander – Launch Date, Rivals, and Price

Though no specific information is mentioned regarding its release date, late 2017 or early 2018 is the expected time. The expected price will be somewhere in between-$31,430-$51,000.

This model will go head to head with Honda Pilot and also Hyundai Santa Fe, and experts believe that the combat will be concerning the engine and specifications.

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