Chevy Adra Concept Review, Mini SUV

Adra is the most recent conceptual model from Chevrolet Company. Chevrolet first introduced this model in the year 2014 at Auto Expo and after they announced its production, it has drawn lots of attention from the potential customers. They have specifically designed the model for the Asian market particularly India and therefore it isn’t surprising that they engaged the Indian experts during the design process. Their primary idea was to come up with a model that would merge all Chevrolet’s traditional features with the current consumer needs within India. And considering that SUV model are popular in many countries around the globe, possibly the Chevy Adra concept will be just like them. The vehicle will have similar advantages to those the SUV models offer but with compact dimensions that we are going to explain in this overview.

Chevy Adra Concept front

Chevy Adra Concept – Exterior and Interior Features

The first thing you will notice immediately you get closer to the Chevy Adra concept is the compact dimensions. The SUV seems to be ideal for both the city traffic and off-road driving. It has a length of up to 13 feet; its width is around 6.5 feet while the height is around 5.2 feet. Its appearance is more than that of a modern vehicle – it is futuristic a feature that is a great advantage over the other models in India.

The vehicle will feature dynamic and exciting lines while its front part will feature a grille and more attractive sharp headlight shape. People expect lots of details from the massive bumpers and the chrome. Its side mirrors will be a bit broad and its front part will feature short spoiler. And because the manufacturer will offer it in plenty of colors, they will possibly meet the taste of every consumer. Some of the vehicles are yellow, pearl white, orange, black and light green.

The manufacturer has also equipped the vehicle’s interior with accessories that will provide more comfort regardless of whether the user is traveling on a short or a very long journey. Even though the Chevy Adra concept is a mini SUV, you shouldn’t worry about its inner space as it is roomy enough.

The designers have included leather seats with decorative stitching and the user will have an option of customizing them. Moreover, the user will have the opportunity of adjusting the steering wheel in various comfortable positions. Its auto climate feature will set the optimal inside temperature for the vehicle.

The driver will use the popular Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system which offers lots of useful features such as video and movie program, music system, internet USB port, rear camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

Chevy Adra Concept interior

Chevy Adra Concept – Engine Specs

Most drivers are waiting to see how the engine of the Adra Chevy concept will look like. It is clear that the manufacturer will offer a strong engine that will manage to follow all the requirements of off-the-road driving. Possibly, the vehicle will include a 1.3-liter petrol engine or a 1.5-liter petrol engine.

There are also speculations that the car will feature a battery to help show progress – the battery will be the strength of 12V. Its five-speed gearbox will provide power to its front wheels. Expectedly, the vehicle’s total engine power will go up to 87 hp. The vehicle’s main competitors are Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport.

Chevy Adra Concept rear

Chevy Adra Concept – Release Date and Price in India

Optimistically, the Chevy Adra concept will enter the market before 2017. The manufacturer will also offer the vehicle at a more reasonable price – within the price bracket of Rs 10 lakh mark.

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