GMC Envoy Concept, Price

First introduced in 1998, GMC Envoy has been one of the most desirable SUVs ever built since then. While we have not seen any major redesigning from the company since 2002, the company is finally introducing a new generation of this SUV; the new GMC Envoy Concept. For an industry that has seen several high-end SUVs being designed, many people expect this new SUV to be made even better. As per now, we have learned that this new ride will use the same platform as Trailblazer; however, a number of changes will be made not only on the mechanical part but also on the interior.

GMC Envoy front

GMC Envoy – Exterior and Interior

This legendary car will come with a strong and hard appearance like always. However, it is expected to be restyled while using a tougher appearance in order to achieve the dynamic front grille. It will also be chromed with sterling steel for luxurious style. In addition, this car could also have larger body kit compared to the previous model to guide more passengers. The car will be adorned with new LED lights, which seems to be the hottest things right now. For stability while on the road, the car will come with larger wheelbase coupled with radial tires to reinforce you while riding on hard terrain. In short, the new GMC Envoy Concept will be more powerful and more versatile when compared to its earlier versions, and that alone is going to see this SUV become a top choice for many families.

GMC Envoy rear

When it comes to overall interior presentation, the new GMC Envoy concept will come with a strikingly beautiful interior. It will also be optimized to accommodate more passengers. To make it even better, it will be luxuriously groomed with premium quality leather upholstery. The leather fabric will also be heated and adjusted in different ways to bring in the superior comfort to the interior. Moreover, the passenger comfort will be enhanced by reducing external noise facilitated by the use of sound proof materials.

When it comes to technological features on the inside; this car will come fitted with air conditioning system, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation system. On top of that, we will also see a modernized and new touch screen display and a much-improved infotainment system. When it comes to safety details, this ride is like no other; it will come fully fitted with cruise control, satellite navigation, airbags among other improvements.

GMC Envoy interior

GMC Envoy – Engine Specs

Under the hood of this ride will be a powerful 5.3-liter V-8 super power engines with an output of 302 hp. To make things even interesting, this car will come with better fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor; it will consume 25 mpg.

GMC Envoy – Release Date and Price

When it will be launched and how much this model will cost has not been made public. However, it is likely to be released mid-2016 and this unit cost could range from $25,000 to $33,000 depending on the model you choose to go for . At the end, this ride is going to be designed for all weather condition and terrains, as well. It is worth every other consideration.

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