SEAT Ateca SUV It will be presented in Geneva

The Spanish automaker, SEAT is set to launch the new SEAT Ateca SUV, the first ever SUV of the manufacturer. This concept SUV is based on the design of the Seat Leon but will enjoy the features of an SUV such as the raised driving position and a more enlarged interior space and cabin space. Once released it is set to compete in the auto market with rivals such as the Mazda CX-5 and the Nissan Qashqai and will be similar to them regarding size and appearance.


SEAT Ateca SUV – Looks and Shape

From the exterior view of the SEAT Ateca SUV, the notable features that can be clearly observed are; a well-designed front grille that assumes a trapezoidal shape with the with the automaker logo “S” scripted on the center of the grille. Just at the both ends of the grille, featured are latest LED headlights that appear streamlined effectively for improved aerodynamics. These LED headlights provide the best driving experience to the users of the Ateca during the night. The fog lamps are installed just below the headlight; they purposely serve to provide a better vision for the driver especially during foggy or snowy seasons. The car is a four-door SUV and will be capable of providing an ambient sitting space for five adults. The cues and line can be easily noted when observed keenly; they purposely serve to improve the aerodynamics of the car thus reducing the resistance to friction by air at high speeds. The side mirrors have both power folding and manual folding capabilities and have side indicator integrated onto them. The ground clearance of the SEAT Ateca SUV is relatively high, and this enables the SUV to be available for use in all terrains.

From the inside of the car, though not much information is available, according to the auto experts, there is a various feature that will be available in the SEAT Ateca SUV interior. The car offers a more enlarged interior cabin, providing a more leg and head space, therefore, ensuring that the occupants are comfortable especially during long rides. A LCD touch screen display for both navigation and entertainment will be installed. Bluetooth Connectivity, USB ports for file sharing are to be expected from this Sports Utility Vehicle. The seats will be leather wrapped, and it’s expected that the driver’s seat will have power adjustable capability. A modern audio system is also expected to be installed on the Ateca SUV.

SEAT Ateca SUV interior

SEAT Ateca SUV – Engine and Performance

Under the hood powerhouse transmission of the SEAT, Ateca SUV shall be provided by an engine similar to that of SEAT Leon. This shall be a 1.4 L V4 gasoline powered turbo engine and a 1.6 L turbo diesel engine that will be capable of delivering a high output power and torque.

SEAT Ateca SUV rear

SEAT Ateca SUV – Price and Expected Release Date

The price of the SEAT Ateca SUV has yet to be confirmed however it is anticipated that the initial price of the vehicle shall range between $26,000 and $40,000, and it’s expected to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016.

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